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Professional White Paper Writing Services

Although they (usually) differ in audience, goal, and tone, white papers are just as essential as other forms of marketing content and copywriting when it comes to establishing your organization or business as an industry leader.


Grounded in research, white papers inform readers on complex, industry-specific topics. Whether you’re in nonprofit or public policy, ensuring your white paper is well-researched, persuasively written, and error-free is vital to its success—and to your audience’s confidence in your credibility.


Hire me to write or edit a white paper that:


  • Establishes your company as a thought leader by providing your audience with persuasively written guidance on relevant, industry-specific issues


  • Can be shared via social media to reach a broader audience and generate leads


  • Advocates your organization or business’s position in a manner that is well-organized, supported by relevant research, and error-free

To see examples of white papers I’ve written, browse the list below. You can learn more about the types of freelance writing services I provide by returning to my Services page.

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