freelance writer & illustrator

selected publications


For "The Cost of Accessibility" by Kelly Dawson, Gay Mag, November 2019.

Creative Nonfiction

"On the Futility of Defying Extinction," The Rumpus, June 2019, edited by Alysia Sawchyn.

"Giving Up the Ghost of Internalized Misogyny," Medium, April 2019.

"The Breakup That May Never Stop Hurting," Medium, March 2019.

"Addiction Is Not the Opposite of Virtue, and Other Things I Learned During My Mother's Early Recovery,"

Medium, February 2019.

"On the Creation of Family Lore," Nailed Magazine, February 2019.

"Impulse Control," Pithead Chapel, Volume 8, Issue 2, February 2019.

"Fractured," Entropy, January 2019. Named in "This Week in Essays," The Rumpus, January 2019.

"The House Between Two Rivers," Sukoon, Volume 5, Issue 2, October 2018.


"The Child Inside," Glass: A Journal of Poetry, September 2019.

Poetry Suite, Nailed Magazine, July 2019, edited by Sam Preminger.


"Homesickness," Hobart: Another Literary Journal, May 2019.

"Circadian Rhythm," Apricity Press, Issue 4, May 2019.

"Erosion," Rogue Agent Journal, Issue 48, March 2019. Nominated, Sundress Publications Best of the Net, 2019.

"Bleach" and "We Two White Girls (Or Sublingual)," The Brown Orient, Inaugural Issue, July 2018, available in print and PDF.

Critical Essays

"Incarceration Will Always Only Thwart Our Attempts at Being a Civilized Society,"  Medium, March 2019.

"In 2019, 'Victimhood Chic' is Not an Applicable Term," Medium, February 2019.

"Envisioning a Trans-Normative Future," Medium, February 2019.

"Environmental Violence In Iraq And The Toxic Global Impact Of The Most Powerful Military In History," Color Bloq, April 2018, edited by Niq D. Johnson, PhD.

"Call out white feminism, but don't forget that white men are still pretty fucking dangerous," RaceBaitR, March 2018, edited by Timothy DuWhite.

"White Feminists: Your Continued Support of Hillary Clinton Reads as Painfully Apolitical," Wear Your Voice, December 2017.