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Developmental Editing and Proofreading

Higher Education Fundraising

Some of the most exciting work I receive is thanks to my relationship with a well-known nonprofit marketing agency. Through this agency, I provide ongoing developmental editing support to ensure that the copy of the fundraising materials for one of their clients, an HBCU, is clear, compelling, and polished.


I pride myself on being a prompt and reliable communicator, which, in this case, is made very easy by the responsiveness of my point of contact at the agency—who is President and Co-founder—and return each assignment within hours of receiving it. Types of documents I have worked on for this client include seven- to nine-figure fundraising cases for support, planned giving brochures, and trustee commitment forms.

Result: Through clear and prompt communication with the fundraising agency's president, I provide developmental edits to critical fundraising documents—many of which are for projects with seven- to nine-figure goals—within a few hours of receiving each assignment.


Ultimately, my edits result in elevated language that zeroes in on the mission of the college, its fundraising objective, and, most critically, why funders should invest in the latter.

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