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Maroon banner ending in navy. Digital watercolor.

View examples of my writing and learn about past projects I've contributed to by clicking on the images below.

Assyrian children and volunteers celebrate Christmas. B&W image.
Graduation cap on top of a stack of six books; diploma rests in front of books. B&W image.
Palm fronds hang over an HVAC system, EV, and stacks of newspapers. Text reads "Doing better together." B&W image.
An illustration of a crowd of silhouetted people in profile. B&W image.
housing rights advocacy.jpg
Disability signage (L-R): a person in a wheelchair; sign language; a person using a white cane;  a brain. B&W image.
A person stands in front of a wall at an art museum while another in the foreground is in motion. B&W image.
A doctor holds a patient's hand across a desk (both fair-skinned). B&W image.
A Black college student in a cap and gown smiles and gazes at something out of frame to the viewer's right. B&W image.
Freelance HVAC Copywriting.jpg

To see examples of direct mail and digital marketing writing I’ve done for clients in

  • animal welfare,

  • beauty and skin care,


  • housing and racial equity,

  • higher education,


  • LGBTQ+ rights,

  • life insurance,


  • mental health,


  • public health, policy, and research,


  • the visual and performing arts,


  • and more,

You can find a complete list of nonprofit areas I’ve written for on my Services page.

Learn about my professional editing services here.

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