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A Demand for Action

Blog Post, Press Release, and White Paper Editing

A Demand for Action is an international nonprofit organization that advocates for and provides urgent humanitarian relief to Assyrians/Chaldeans/Syriacs, Armenians, and Ezidis living in their indigenous homelands throughout the Middle East.


I provided editing services for several of the organization's blog posts, press releases, and a white paper. The latter outlined the urgency of establishing a locally run, U.S.-trained security force in Iraq to combat the displacement and violence fueled by militant groups in the region.


Due to the global nature of the organization's outreach, my goal was to make sure each audience-facing piece was not only engaging to a multi-cultural and -lingual readership, but that it inspired the requisite action on behalf of the communities being served. (ADFA is entirely volunteer-run, so my contributions were likewise offered gratis.)

Learn more about A Demand for Action here.

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