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Maroon banner ending in navy. Digital watercolor.

Art & Design

From going on golden hour bike rides around my parents' neighborhood with their 80's camera slung around my neck (was it a Canon or a Nikon? I need to go back and steal that thing) to sketching portraits of my professors in the margins of my notes during lecture, I’ve loved creating art for art’s sake since I was a kid.

One art degree later, and coming up with visual concepts is ingrained into my writing process. Whenever possible, I enjoy working with clients and team members to come up with design ideas that augment a campaign’s messaging through unique imagery.

As a self-taught artist, I work in both digital and traditional media, creating animations, illustrations, layout designs, and more. Outside of my work as a writer, I've contributed illustrations and comics to publications like 7x7, Gay Mag, The Bold Italic
, and The New Yorker, collaborating closely with editorial staff in each case. You can find some examples of my illustrations and animations below.

Two hands reach toward each other from either side of the image, one deep brown, the other, light brown, with their index fingers. Above them is an orange sun, and below, the horizon line, made up of distant hills, the ocean, and a reflection of the moon.
A dark-skinned Black woman faces the viewer with her eyes closed. The image is of her bust, and she is wearing a large yellow garment. Inspired by Adut Akech.
A fair-skinned woman with black hair sits in front of a building labeled "EVERGREEN." The sky is blue with sparse white clouds.
A young woman with black hair looks directly at the viewer. She is visible from the neck up and in a dark room. A sliver of light from an open door illuminates her face.
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