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Nonprofit & DEI Newsletter Writing Services

When you run a nonprofit, regularly producing content (such as articles and blog posts) that is relevant and trustworthy is a great way to draw in new leads while converting returning donors and customers into long-term ones.


If you want to produce exclusive content for existing and prospective donors and customers, it might be time to consider making newsletters a part of your business plan.


Newsletters are tried and true in both nonprofit and corporate marketing, and, like email marketing, they’re low-cost. Rather than appealing for donations, however, newsletters often rely on educational writing to build connections between organizations and their customers.


When paired with your other marketing efforts, a regular newsletter can help positively define your company's identity for your audience while providing them with an inside look at the world, people, and effort behind your organization or business.


Hire me as your nonprofit or DEI newsletter writer, and I will deliver:


  • Tonally consistent written content that positively defines your company's identity for your audience through relevant and exclusive updates about your organization or business


  • Research-backed content that ensures that your newsletter remains not just on trend, but also, that it engages with the future of your industry in a manner that is meaningful, relevant, and thought-provoking to your audience


  • A variety of content assets per newsletter, including CEO letters, articles, and event announcements that are united by the letter's theme


  • Thoughtfully written, educational content that, through informing rather than selling, connects with your donor base or customers by reminding them that there are humans behind your organization

To see examples of nonprofit newsletters I’ve written, get in touch. You can learn more about the types of freelance writing services I provide by returning to my Services page.

Need a nonprofit content developer?

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