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Nonprofit & DEI Email Copywriting Services

The ubiquity of digital marketing in the 21st century means that you'll need more than just a noble cause or compelling campaign to to stand out in your audience's inboxes.


To get donors' attention, you'll need email copy that draws the line directly between your audience and your call to action.


People are compelled not just by the desire to consume and do good, but to see their backgrounds and interests represented by the organizations, campaigns, and candidates they support.


Your audience wants to know that by backing you, all members of their community will have at least the opportunity to access adequate housing and health care; that they’re supporting a company or campaign that is committed to effecting positive change for its audience and constituents; to read about the demonstrable difference they will make—whether for an individual, a marginalized community, or society at large—by supporting your organization, business, or campaign.


By including an easy-to-follow call to action and directing recipients to your organization’s website and social media channels, a thoughtfully written digital campaign can result in a major ROI. What’s more, when well-timed, emails that anticipate your audience's needs are a great way to stay on your their minds without getting on their nerves.


When you hire me to write your nonprofit digital marketing copy, I'll ensure that each email is flawless down to its last period. I will also:


  • Personalize your organization’s email communications by crafting a audience-driven voice that is tailored to the type of email being sent (e.g., welcome, appeal, or cultivation emails)


  • Deliver sharply written email campaigns whose messages are clear, concise, and compelling on a fast turnaround


  • Develop and employ a consistent and cognizable tone for your organization or business that adjusts as needed based on campaign themes

Areas I've written nonprofit digital marketing campaigns for include:

  • Disability Rights

  • Health Care

  • Housing and Racial Equity

  • Mental Health Awareness

  • Museum Fundraising

  • Performing Arts Fundraising


To see examples of nonprofit digital marketing campaigns I’ve written, get in touch here. You can learn more about the types of freelance writing services I provide by returning to my Services page.


Hire me to write your nonprofit digital marketing copy here.

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