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Nonprofit & DEI Social Media Writing Services

Whether your organization is dedicated to providing international aid or supportive community services, you probably understand that having some form of social media is essential to connecting with your target audience. But having social media alone isn’t enough to benefit your organization.


In fact, if your followers aren’t liking, commenting on, or sharing your posts or following your calls to action, a large follower count on its own doesn’t mean much (think, quality over quantity).


Social media is likely here to stay, at least for the time being, so figuring out how you can best use it to market your company or campaign is a good idea—and there’s no better place to start than by investing in compellingly written and researched copy.


Hire me as your nonprofit social media copywriter, and I will produce copy that:


  • Keeps with your organization’s overall voice while adjusting based on campaign tone, whether it’s informational, reflective, or urgent

  • Will show up in searches thanks to carefully selected (rather than over-saturated) hashtags


  • Is timely, relevant to your audience’s interests, and based in research


  • Encourages your audience members to share your content through specific calls to action (e.g., “What does being a member of [Community] mean to you?” or “Share your most memorable experience with [campaign theme]”)

To see examples of nonprofit social media copy I’ve written, browse the list below. You can learn more about the types of freelance writing services I provide by returning to my Services page.

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