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Freelance Writing & Editing Rates

Whether I'm providing copy for an article, direct mail letter, or social media campaign, I charge a per-project fixed rate based on word count. The rates below include one revision. For all subsequent revisions, I charge hourly; please see the “Charges not included in fixed rates” section below.

Fixed rates


Very Short (300-600 words): $250 - Assets that fall below this word count will be prorated.

Short (600-900 words): $320


Medium (900-1200 words): $440


Long (1200-1500 words): $560


Very Long (1500-1800 words): $680


Over 1800 words: $100 per 200 words

Charges not included in fixed rates - $100 per hour


Some of the services I provide are not included in the fixed rates listed above. Instead, I provide these at an hourly rate of $100, which I charge in $25 increments for each 15 minutes I spend working.


These services include:


Audio or video meetings after my initial consultation.

I provide an initial audio or video consultation for free. Subsequent audio or video meetings will be billed at $100 per hour. Communication via email or Google Docs is not subject to additional fees.

Additional revision requests.

The first revision for each project is included in my fixed rate. If you feel your project requires additional revisions beyond that, I charge an hourly rate of $100.

Reviewing video or audio content to write a piece.

If I need to review audio or video files to complete a project, I will charge an hourly rate of $100.

Rates for editing - $100 per hour


I offer stand-alone editing services at an hourly rate of $100, which I charge in $25 increments for each 15 minutes I spend editing.

To learn what makes working with me unique, click here. You can find a complete list of my services here and browse some examples of my work here. If you'd like to see a sample from a specific niche or industry, don't hesitate to reach out!

Invoicing and Payment Information

  • I invoice at the end of each month for any work completed in that month and request payment on 30-day terms, so you will have until the end of the month following my invoice to pay.

  • Each piece of work is separately itemized on the invoice.

  • I will send invoices to an agreed upon email address, directly to you, or to your accounts payable department. I can also submit invoices through a supplier management system.

  • The first few times we work together, or for particularly large pieces of work, I may require a deposit or prepayment.

  • You can pay invoices via direct bank transfer or Zelle.

Ready to work together?

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