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DEI Digital Marketing

B2B Newsletter and Social Media Copywriting

Below, you can find copy assets I produced as part of a B2B digital marketing project for a diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting firm. The first is a newsletter that is meant to provide corporate leaders with guidance on how to not only meaningfully observe Indigenous Peoples' Day, but also, take practical steps to create a legitimately inclusive environment for people with Indigenous backgrounds.

The social media posts consisted of a LinkedIn post by the consulting firm's founder and an Instagram post advertising one of the firm's DEI leadership training programs. For the former, which centered on the founder's LGBTQ+ identity and her related difficulties throughout her career, I sought to highlight that her experience was one that was shared by many so as to connect with as many readers as possible.

For the latter, I opted for a straight-forward approach, emphasizing data points that demonstrated a positive correlation between a company's implementation of DEI practices and its overall employee well-being.

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