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Healthcare Marketing Writing

Digital Mail and Direct Marketing Copywriting

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For this client, a nonprofit organization that provides healthcare services to residents throughout New York City regardless of income, insurance, or immigration status, I served as the lead copywriter, delivering copy for the client's Giving Tuesday and Year-End digital and direct mail campaigns.


Because the organization's fundraising efforts centered on patient stories, my goal was to approach each project with sensitivity to each individual's experience (that is, I did my best to imagine how I'd feel having my story told on behalf of an organization whose services I'd needed during a difficult period in my life).

In addition to centering patient experience, I sought to ground each effort in data about relevant factors that unjustly contribute to an inadequate access to health care in the United States, from those that are timely, such as a person's immigration status, to those that are evergreen, such as racism, poverty, and gender inequality.


Finally, each campaign effort highlighted the client's offerings, such as its pharmacy, youth summer camp, nutritional education program for adults, and free citywide transportation services.

As the lead writer for this client, I delivered:

Audience-segmented campaigns

Banner Copy

Brochure Copy

Donation Page Copy

Digital Membership Campaigns

Giving Tuesday Digital Campaign

Landing Page Copy

Lightbox Copy

Political Direct Mail Campaigns

Reply Form Copy

Social Media Campaigns

Tagline Copy

Thank You Emails

Year-End Digital Campaign

Result: By emphasizing each patient's perspective and highlighting current data about immigration, wealth inequality, and homelessness in New York City and across the U.S., I was able to clearly delineate not only the services the donor would be augmenting, but also, the people they would be supporting—and how—by investing in the client's work.

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