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Nonprofit & DEI Website Copywriting Services

Whether your organization includes a brick-and-mortar location or exists solely online, developing an engaging website is nonnegotiable. Then again, these days, maintaining a physical space may not even be a prerequisite to your business’s success.


As it stands, the average donor or customer’s first point of contact with an organization or business often occurs online, especially if that organization or business is active on social media. What’s more, online spending is only expected to continue trending upward.


But just because people are increasingly opting to do their spending digitally doesn’t mean they want their philanthropic experiences to feel cold and robotic.


Website copy that is grounded in humanity and warmth is more likely to resonate with your audience members in the long-term than copy written with the sole intent of selling. (Just think of the organizations, businesses, and campaigns whose missions you connect with the most—and, more importantly, how those missions are communicated.)


Hire me as your nonprofit or DEI website copywriter, and I will deliver copy that:


  • Demonstrates your organization or campaign's understanding of your audience’s needs through personalized and emotionally resonant written content


  • Keeps with your organization's or campaign's voice while solidifying your company's identity as needed through concise, memorable taglines


  • Establishes your organization as a leader in your industry through naturalistically written evergreen web content like professional biographies and service pages


  • Inspires your audience to follow your call to action through campaign-specific web assets such as landing pages, lightboxes, banners, and blog posts

To see examples of nonprofit or political website copy I’ve written, browse the list below. You can learn more about the types of freelance writing services I provide by returning to my Services page.

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